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  • SteriPlus uses a combination of environmental food-grade products approved by Health Canada and the US-EPA that produce synergistic effects to achieve outstanding disinfection results.
  • SteriPlus products are 13.0 times less concentrated than any other chemical solutions offered or used by our market competitors while achieving ultimate disinfection results and maintaining a safe environment.
  • SteriPlus products can deal with all kinds of microbial contaminations, both light and heavy for small or large contamination jobs.
  • SteriPlus validates its disinfection service work via accredited lab analysis reports and guarantees that clients will achieve the desired disinfection results, or the disinfection service is FREE!
  • SteriPlus products are safe to use on any surface, equipment, devices (see our product compatibility chart).
  • SteriPlus 3D-Dry Disinfection Cloud Technology covers surfaces fivefold compared to other disinfection products in the market based on the same square footage area.
  • SterPlus Dry Disinfection Machines are easy to use, can be operated semi-automatically and will saves more than 50% of disinfection labor time. The cost of leasing machines is included in the our product packages.
  • Steriplus Dry Disinfection Machines meet CSA standards, they are guaranteed for life, and are proudly Canadian.
  • Tell us about your disinfection needs, our prices will not be beaten!

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